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10 things only Cat owners understand

Cat owners share a special bond - because there are things only cat parents understand.

  1.  Cats like to sleep – a lot

Cats sleep most of the time. Except when he feels obliged to give you an early wake-up call to tell you about the interesting night he had - and that he’s now going to sleep the rest of the day. 

  1. You have cat hair everywhere – including on your best clothes

It’s a lost cause to try and keep your home and your clothes free of cat hair, particularly when they’re shedding. Just live with it, and see cat hairs as a part of your feline friend. 

  1. A cat loves putting its butt into your face

Apparently this strange habit means your cat loves you or at least approves of you. It’s an endearing habit, so don’t feel offended. It simply means the two of you are getting really close and personal. 

  1. Toilet paper is never safe

Toilet paper has a special attraction for cats, and it’s not to use it in the litter box. It’s not quite clear why, but tearing toilet trolls apart is a favorite at game. It’s best to keep the toilet rolls out of your cats reach. 

  1. Your privacy means nothing to your cat

Whether you have to go to the bathroom, are working on your laptop, busy putting on makeup – your cat will sit there and watch you, and watch you, and watch you. When there’s a cat in the house, there’s no such thing as personal space. 

  1. A cat is often unimpressed with that expensive bed or toy

Don’t expect your cat to thank you for buying it the latest, expensive specially developed cat bed. Or a toy you think would amuse her. A cardboard box, your couch, your bed - they all will suit her just fine.   

  1. Cats can be moody

Don’t assume your cat wants a cuddle when you feel like giving her one. It’s nothing personal when she cuddles up to you and purrs contentedly - and then suddenly walks off and ignore you for hours. 

  1. A cat will not eat yesterday’s food

The food has to be fresh – always. Unlike a dog, your cat will not eat food that’s left over from yesterday or food that’s off. You need to put fresh food in his bowl every day. 

  1. Cats are not as independent as they pretend to be

Okay, cats are considerably more independent than dogs, but they’re actually pretty affectionate when they feel like it. They don’t show it all the time, but your cat cares about you and likes being around you. 

  1. The cat rules the house

Get used to it – the cat will not be dictated to. He will investigate where ever and whatever he feels like. Cats are curious, and they’re forever snooping around for something interesting. They tell us they are more intelligent than we may think, and know your home better than you probably do.

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