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Cat Scratcher Easy Fix Grand



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The Grand cat scratcher is an easy assemble cat climbing tower designed to be built with the minimal of fuss, using a standardized format of fixings. No tools are required to build the cat post and all fixings can be tightened using a coin.

The cat tree house has a simple construction which gives a cat scratching pole that can be easily assembled and ready for your cat's use in no time, and features a ball on a string for added playtime. It has triple level ledges which give a great climbing platform for your cat to see the world from up high and the cosy cat shelter allows for some much needed respite.

The inner tubes of the grand cat perch are made of high quality particle board giving it a high durability regardless of how much your cat loves to play.


  • Easy to build cat climbing tower means you can get it up and running in no time
  • Cat perch does not require any tools to build, allowing you to easily build at home
  • Strong build cat tower ensures that your cat gets hours of use out of it
  • All fixings on this cat climber are the same and can be tightened using a coin
  • Tubes on this cat tree are made from particle boards
  • Size: 130 x 37 x 60 cm
  • Colour: Beige