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Cat Scratcher Hideout



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This cat tree Hide Out scratching post is 58 cm high. This sturdy cylinder shaped activity centre is designed to encourage natural feline behavior such as clawing, climbing, hiding and stretching.

It is covered in faux fur with a sisal scratch post giving your cat or kitten plenty areas to claw and scratch. It also contains a lower hiding/sleeping area which makes it a great cat house.


  • Sturdy and comfortable cat scratching post (height: 58 cm)
  • Plush covered cat tree with sisal post and hanging play ball
  • Plenty of room for the cat to use it as a hide away
  • The tub has two shelves and a top platform where cats love snoozing
  • A play paradise for our feline friends
  • Size: 58 cm
  • Colour: Beige