Studded Crystal Rhinestone Collar – Smooth Whiskers

Studded Crystal Rhinestone Collar



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  • Suitable for kittens, larger cats and fully adjustable
  • Available in 3 sizes and made from the finest leather
  • Crystal diamonds on 3/4 of the collar
  • Small Rhinestones will make your cat really stand out from the crowd
  • Colours: Red & Blue
  • Small Size: 0.59" x11.8"(1.5*30 cm); Weight: 1.1oz (32g) (approx)
  • Medium Size: 0.79" x15.7"(2.0*40 cm); Weight: 1.8oz (52g) (approx)
  • Large Size: 0.79" x19.7"(2.0*50 cm); Weight: 2.5oz (72g) (approx)