Cat De Shed Shampoo - Strawberry Lemon (354ml) – Smooth Whiskers

Cat De Shed Shampoo - Strawberry Lemon (354ml)



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This super amazing formula drastically reduces shedding by laying down the hair neatly and removing excess hair, leaving the coat smooth and silky! Avoid eyes and ears. Bathe your pet twice a week for maximum results! Use DeShed Me! Miracle Rinse immediately after shampooing. Bath time has become a miracle making experience!

It's part of a premium range of luxury shampoos, conditioners, sprays and wipes for dogs and cats, with fresh and unique fragrances to ensure your pets will smell great. 

The range provides convenient solutions for daily pet challenges such as muddy paws, coat shedding or rolling in unpleasant odours.


  • Amazing Strawberry Lemonade scent.
  • A must have for pets that shed!! Our miracle rinse with Organic Coconut Oil helps remove excess hair and leaves the coat so amazingly soft and silky it's crazy!!
  • Whether short, coarse or long hair, your pet stays irresistibly petable for days!!
  • For best results use twice weekly with our De Shed Me Rinse!! Miracle Rinse. Avoid eyes and ears. Making miracles happen one pet at a time!!
  • Pet head formulas are pH adjusted and free of parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate and DEA.