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10 things Cats just love

Cats seem to have a “don’t care” attitude, but there are things that cats just love!

  1.  Cats love being groomed

This is special bonding time with your cat. Cats enjoy being clean and well groomed, and what better than having its human parent taking time to brush and groom it. Regular grooming also reduces the hairs it will shed. 

  1. Cats love to play

Kittens love to play and fool around, also when they get older. Have safe cat toys around, particularly when you leave it alone. They’re amused by paper bags, carton boxes and anything that swings. Just be sure it’s can’t hurt them. 

  1. Cats love to climb

Cats love to observe the world from up high. They’ll climb on top of shelves, a bookcase or fridge and even onto things from which they sometimes need help to get down again… 

  1. A cat needs to sharpen its claws

A cat continuously needs to scratch to keep its claws in good shape. They love their own scratchpad – from the pet shop or one made at home. 

  1. Cats love good food that’s fresh

Cats love salmon, tuna, sardines, pastrami – to name a few. They’ll also share your yogurt and oatmeal at breakfast. And their cat food must always be fresh, no leftovers from yesterday. 

  1. A cat appreciates a litter box that’s private

The kitty’s bathroom should be in a private, quiet place where the cat can do its business and you wouldn’t be offended. And of course it needs to be cleaned regularly. 

  1. Spay or neuter your cat

A cat that’s been spayed or neutered will be calmer, less likely to go searching for excitement and get hurt, or become pregnant. 

  1. A healthy cat is a happy cat

Like humans, a cat’s health is important if they want to enjoy a good quality of life. That means healthy food, clean water, exercise, and keeping its weight normal. Encourage him to be active, and have a vet check him out regularly. 

  1. Cats love to sunbathe

Cats don’t even need a beach, any sunny spot will do. Find a special place for your cat where it can relax and dream in the sun, like a bed in the garden or a sunny spot in the home. 

  1. Cats love to interact with you

Cats love to communicate and interact with humans. Learn to recognize her emotions, likes and dislikes. Just as you let her know which habits are acceptable which are not. Your cat appreciates spending time with you and the better you understand each other the more fulfilling your time together will be.

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