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Things that are dangerous for your Cat

Don’t let “curiosity killed the cat” happen to your kitty. Cats are curious and like to investigate their environment. That means you need to know the dangers that may lurking in unsuspecting places and things. 

Know your plants

Cats like to chew on plants. Be aware that many household plants are toxic for cats and should not be kept in a home where there’s a cat. You can get a list from the your local animal protection website, so make sure a plant is not on this list before you buy it. Some flowers like lilies, azaleas, chrysanthemums, poinsettia and tulips are also a threat to your cat.   

Be vigilant about food

Cats may be fussy eaters, but that wouldn’t stop them from investigating stuff that’s accessible. Don’t leave open packets of cookies and chocolate lying around. And keep food off counter tops, particularly dangerous food things like grapes, raisins, coffee, and alcohol. 

Toxic household products

Many household products contain ingredients that are toxic for cats. Close lids securely and keep them behind closed doors. Put the cat somewhere else while floors, bathrooms and kitchens are being cleaned. Pine and phenol are particularly toxic, so don’t clean anything that the cat can lick with products that contain these ingredients.   

Keep medicines out of the way

Human medicine, prescription and over the counter, should never be left here the cat can get to it. Be especially careful when there are children in the house that may leave medications unattended. Again your local pet protection agency can be contacted if you think your cat may have ingested something poisonous. 

Your cat shouldn’t play with this

Cats like to play with anything that catches their attention. These include small items that can be swallowed like plastic, yarn and string, decorations. Be especially careful if you have a family that tends to leave items lying around, particularly while the cat is young. 

Keep doors closed

Your cat will investigate any space that looks vaguely interesting. The first danger is that the cat will get to the household cleaning products, medicine, and dangerous food that are behind doors. The other danger is that the cat can inadvertently get locked up in a washing machine, tumble drier, small room. 

Remember you’re dealing with an animal that can’t distinguish between safe and dangerous places and things. If something does happen, have emergency numbers available, and know where the animal clinic closest to you are located.

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